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Derailed by systems put in place to get it done
platform became agenda

Shut out — frozen, on the outside looking in
recounting confessions you have yet to make

Sinister winks from that youthfully striking doppelgänger
you should have known better

Refusing to even recognize, let alone deal with it

Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

Here’s the thing — it’s a mood — sporadic caws and mercenary applause for our youth — the pledged generation —
cannot reverse tattoo this residual ink — cannot escape this ever-lusting stink — our corvidae brothers, our corvidae sisters, our sons and daughters on the brink — too blinded…

Photo by Drei Kubik on Unsplash

Watching out for trouble in American lands,
lines of fallibility drawn in California sands.

Water and shelter, necessity’s pleas,
garbage man delivers, garbage bag trees.

Freewheelin’ Calafia, and her pacific coast dreams,
leaves turning brown, go to flee the sin-scene.

Not one for compassionate goodbye’s,
clairvoyant alligators, or crocodile lies.

Photo by Jack Hamilton on Unsplash

Under the game-master’s thumb, and so giftedly scripted — my dating profile read, “professional behaviorist too predictable to be the product of artificial intelligence” — I know, I know — talk about a turn-on, eh? — think I’ve had it with this game.

It was neither here, nor there —…

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Doc, I gotta say I’m a bit lost by all these technical terms — efficacy of treatment — hyperactivity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis — what the heck does it all mean? — honest opinion here, what’s the prognosis?

blood test results were in — running dangerously thin of thespian particulate…

Jeff Langley

Kind of a word-perv with many stories to share. When I figure them out, you’ll be the first know!

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